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About Us

Prometheus Medical Australia is a specialist medical company based in Townsville, Queensland, delivering unrivalled, emergency medical support in the form of equipment, training, strategic advice and deployed clinical care, individually tailored to meet customers’ specific needs. The company is part of Prometheus Group, which has subsidiaries in UK, Ireland, Middle East (Qatar and UAE) and Australia. The Prometheus Group also includes:

  • Prometheus DeltaTech – an innovation team developing medical products for the pre-hospital and emergency medical fields.
  • Prometheus AlphaMed – providing the highest quality medical consulting, management and support to all types of events.

We are known for our ethos of clinical excellence, which begins at the top and permeates throughout the whole organisation. Our team has extensive clinical expertise in pre-hospital trauma care, major incident and disaster management, primary care and expeditionary medicine.

Prometheus supports major industry, National Health Service trusts, military and law enforcement organisations, private companies, individual clients, and charitable organisations, all of which value us for our responsiveness, reliability and after-sales service.

Prometheus is unusual in being able to offer a comprehensive range of medical services, including planning and system development, equipment provision, medical management, and staff training, which can be procured separately or as a fully integrated support package as required. We believe that no other medical company has such well respected international credibility in this field.

Quality and innovation underpins everything we do – Prometheus is a certified ISO9001 and Investors in People company and, in 2015, we were honoured with the Queens Award for Enterprise for Innovation.

Our core values are:

  • Excellence in everything we do
  • Passion for innovation and continuous improvement
  • Integrity and fairness
  • Clinical credibility
  • Outstanding customer support

Prometheus in the Environment

Having delivered medical support services in some of the worlds most remote and isolated environments, we have experienced first hand the vulnerability and fragility of our natural environment.

Health in the hostile environment is our core business. We feel the same way about our climate - without careful management, the very planet we live on will become increasingly hazardous to us all.

As a company, we are thus committed to:

  • Trying not to use energy, whether this means not switching on a light, or avoiding flights abroad wherever possible
  • Using the lowest energy options - whether this means low energy light bulbs or, where practical, using a coach or train rather than a car, cycling to work, or vehicle sharing
  • Switching to a green energy provider
  • Buying locally where we can
  • Trying to select supply chains and partners with the same ethos of corporate social responsibility
  • Supporting others in reducing their use of fossil fuels and their production of greenhouse gases
  • Minimising waste and recycling as much of it as we can